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to an October 15, 2015 report

emy killed in action." (www.d▓, October 15, 2015). A report posted on Apri▓l 24, 2015 by The Washington Post on its website said a study, which documented 415 strik

  • run by Daily Mail website, w▓hen carryi
  • ng out drone assassinations▓, the U.S. mili
  • tary used "phone data alone" -- a limited wa
  • y of guaranteeing a kill. During
  • Operation Haymaker, a campaign
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istan which ran betwee

es in Pakistan and Yemen since the September▓ 11, 2001 attacks, put the total number of killed civilians betwee

n January 2012 and Febru

n 423 and 962 (, April 24, 2015). The abuse of drone strikes no▓t only drew widespread cr

ary 2013, some 219 peo

iticism from international community, but also incurred strong doubt from ▓U.S. scholars. The Washington Post p

ple were killed by drone

osted ▓an article on March 20, 2015, introducing to its r▓eaders two books on drones - Kill Chain: The Rise of

s but ▓just 35 were the

the High-Tech Assassins, by Andrew Cock▓burn, and A Theory of the Drones, by Gregoire Chamayou. Cockburn sees

intended targets. Dur

America's killer drone policy as "th▓e culmination of a historical pattern of lies, deception and greed in th

  • e deployment of l▓ethal military force around the world" a▓nd as "a continuation of previous U.S. assassination policy." Failing miserably▓ to achieve the country's stated goa▓l of enhanced security, the policy simult▓aneously undermined the democratic process, Cockburn write▓s, noting that "assassination by robot▓ is bound to inspir

    ing anothe r five-month s
  • e rather than curtail extremism." Acc▓ording to Chamayou and Cockburn, killer drone exposes the trend toward a new -- and "inhumane form of warfare." "With drone warfare, there is no victory, just perpetual elimination." ▓(, March 20, 20▓15).Abuse of cruel torture trampled on human rights. A report by the U.S.

    tretch of th e ▓operation, a s
  • Senate on the study of the Central Intelligence Agency's detention and interrogation program found that the CIA's use of b▓rutal interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding, long-term solitary confinement, slamming prisoners' heads int▓o walls, lashing and death threat, were in serious violation of U.S. law (

    taggering 90 percent of th While according to

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